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Roll Form Tool Design

Development of Metal Forming Strategies for

  • Open profiles

  • Closed profiles

  • Trapezoidal profiles

  • Cladding and roofing profiles

  • Special shape profiles

  • Welded tubes shaped and round

Roll Form Support

  • Development of forming strategies

  • Support for the flower design

  • Support for the roll design

  • Support of creating tool drawings

Finite element Analysis (FEM) and optimizing of roll form tools

Roll Form Training

  • Forming strategies

  • Flower design

  • Roll design

Roll Form Workshops

  • Basics about roll forming

  • Special solution


Roll Form Tool Design

  • Flower Developing

  • Simulation of Longitudinal Strain

  • Design of Roll Form Tools

  • Create Single Roll Drawings

  • Create Assembly Plans

  • Create Cutting Lists




  • Minimizing of machine Setup time

  • Reducing of the non-productive time of the roll form line

  • Reducing of the running through time

  • Trouble shooting of problematic tool sets

  • Optimizing of the punching contour

  • Optimizing of the process stability

  • Recognition of possible errors in the tool set

  • Verification of different material properties and behavior

  • Strip width calculation for e.G. from welded tubes

  • Calculation of the forming forces during the forming process

  • Information about the final profile shape from theory to praxis

  • Design support by special profile shapes

01.02.2016 ISO 9001:2015

In the end of January we changed our quality management into ISO 9001:2015. Please see our certificate at the button ISO 9001:2015

15.03.2016 Example Site

We refreshed our „Example“ Site. You can see a selection of profiles we made the design for the rollers

18.08.2016 Vacation

Our office is closed from 22.08.2016 to 04.09.2016. We are back at 05.09.2016.

The SOMASS Company was founded in 2003 from Mrs. Marietta Sohler. This is where the company name SOMASS (Sohler Marietta Smart Solutions) comes from.

Mrs. Sohler did work a few years as a technician for the major company software producer in the roll form section.

At first Mrs. Sohler worked alone as a “one-women-company”. Mr. Christian Sohler as a master in the metal-work supported her in the evening and on the weekends.
Mr. Sohler installed also the quality management after ISO 9001:2000. In January 2016 we updated our Quality management after ISO 9001:2015.

Sohler 002

In the past years we had a lot of success.
With word-of mouth recommendation we´ve got more and more work. So we´ve got a good reputation in the roll form branch. Machine builder and profiler from the whole European market trust the experience and the quality from SOMASS.

Photo. Marietta Sohler

After the work did increase so much, Mr. Sohler decided to join completely the company.
His job is the design work, the complete commercial sector and the quality Management.

Photo: Christian Sohler

Our big target is, also in difficult times, to give our customers an optimal quality for a fair price.
A high flexibility, trustiness and short decision making processes are the preferences from our office.

Max ( Security/ collection)

Max ( Security/ Collection)

Sophie (Trainee in security/collection)

Sophie *14.09.2015 (Trainee for security/collection)




Quality was from the first day the most important target for us.
All procedures were documented from the first contact on.

This begins by the first request, the analysis of the possibility of Rollforming, the offer, the order, the design work, analysis the design (verification) and the delivery. All steps are exactly documented.

Documentation has a high priority for the design work.
All steps, all modifications, no matter if the result is positive or negative, every step will be documented.

This is the source, where we get our experience from.

This know-how is our biggest potential.

No matter if there is a round tube, an open or closed section, high strength steel or copper.

We have big experience in all areas.
This is the profit for our customers.

For our own quality demands and also to present our quality standard to our customers we did in January 2007 the certification after ISO 9001:2000.

In January 2016 we updated the certification after ISO 9001:2015.

Quality is not only a word for us, it´s a target.




Profil 1

Rack post DX51










Rack profile HC380LA+ZE75

Rack profile HC380LA+ZE75












Profile sheet S280GD+Z275

Profile sheet S280GD+Z275











Trapezoidal sheet, powder-coated S240GD

Trapezoidal sheet TR150, powder-coated S240GD










Omega profile from a round pipe LG842

Omega profile from a round pipe LG842











Cassette profile DX52D

Cassette profile DX52D











Moving staircase profile S350GD

Moving staircase profile S350GD










Rack post S350GD

Rack post S350GD










Door reinforcement plate Docol1000DP

Door reinforcement plate Docol1000DP









Light bracket painted DC01

Light bracket painted DC01










Wall tile corner profile 1.4301

Wall tile corner profile 1.4301












Frame Profile DX51D+Z275

Frame profile DX51D+Z275








Flange Profile S280GD

Flange profile S280GD










U-profile S280GD

U-profile S280GD









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From Bad Tölz:

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