Quality was from the first day the most important target for us.
All procedures were documented from the first contact on.

This begins by the first request, the analysis of the possibility of Rollforming, the offer, the order, the design work, analysis the design (verification) and the delivery. All steps are exactly documented.

Documentation has a high priority for the design work.
All steps, all modifications, no matter if the result is positive or negative, every step will be documented.

This is the source, where we get our experience from.

This know-how is our biggest potential.

No matter if there is a round tube, an open or closed section, high strength steel or copper.

We have big experience in all areas.
This is the profit for our customers.

For our own quality demands and also to present our quality standard to our customers we did in January 2007 the certification after ISO 9001:2000.

In January 2016 we updated the certification after ISO 9001:2015.

Quality is not only a word for us, it´s a target.